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Compared to the traditional galvanized plate, needless to the process of cold-rolling,
The heat plate turn into galvanic status directly. This lead to the advantage of price obviously. Hot-rolled galvanized plate have a nice looking forward to such industries as architecture, vehicle, steel silo, railway train and manufacturing areas.

Analysis to H.R.G. plate
With the development and level upgrade to heat-rolling craft, looking for the newly method to galvanization, thinner plate with hot-rolled replace to traditional one with cooling-rolled. The heat galvanized plate begin to enjoy highly reputation from international market for that increase the area of appliance and decrease the proportion of the cold plate.

On the progress to hot rolling technology, especially the mature of CSP (thin slab continous casting), the thickness of hot-rolled strip become thinner. Recently, it has continuously formed CSP production line like ZHU Steel, GAN Steel, BAO Steel, TANG Steel etc. Nowadays, the thinnest thickness to galvanized heat plate could be reached the level 0.8mm. The widen appliance to CSP actually provide the excellent performance and well-quality on mechanical heat rolling metal.

The marketing demand
As no enterprises own CSP to form heat-rolled galvanized plate on production line that it still imports from Chinese Taiwan and the Republic of Korea. Only BAO Steel in Shanghai have the capability to delivery of hot-rolled galvanized plate under CSP that fail to meet the whole Chinese market.

Three points focus on galvanic heat plate domestically. The first way: CSP oversea turn over to self-production and supply chain domestically. The second way points out to take the advantage of low expense to HRG plate and successfully to replace of cold-rolling galvanized plate. The last step will fulfill the production blank to hot-rolled galvanized plate. The strategic steps complement the demand to heat rolling galvanized plates. It exists 3 kinds of HRG plates in the domestic supply era. Structure DDQ, commercial DDQ and ordinary DDQ. The thickness ranges from 1.0 to 1.4mm. The low price and good quality in 1.0-2.5mm could take over traditional plate. Compared to the tradition, to save cold-rolling, the heat plate turn into galvanic status directly. This lead to low expense and disposition on the competitive party that be more influence on the ultimate user and a good prospects later.

Appliance on matched industries
On house-building
As rolled-shape section, the semi-manufactured products apply for house-building and lighting steel structure in the level structure industry. The galvanized cold fittings have apply for such housing-steel framework as c-type, z-type, housing floor board and roof. The steel structure has been considered as environmental material due to lighting, high-strength, fashion, fast making-up, anti-natural disaster.
It has earlier popularized galvanized material in factory-housing overseas. However, ití»s a starting domestically. Confirm that a huge demand and development to newly alloy metal tomorrow.

On steel silo

Comparing to old silo, newly steel silo have the some advantage factors like easier building, high-strength & tightness, low-expense, good-looking. The raw material for newly silo follows such feature as thickness on1.0-1.4mm, main width on 495mm (75% for 2.5-4m), Q215-235 as actual material. Quantity per galvanized gtr 275g/m2, for example, sewage disposal system in urban commonly desire the 4.0mm thickness to galvanized plate.

On automotive

In developed countries, the total amount of galvanized consumption occupy over 60%, apply widely for vehicle appearance. On Chinese market, ití»s also rapid tender and developing demand, particular our vehicle industry.

Future prospect
With continuously increase on domestic economy and adjustment to industries structure, the need of galvanization metal become to increase as well. The proportion of that firm 50% several years ago, rather no meet the demand of Chinese total amount. As a matter of 2002, it imported overall 3.342 million tons galvanization products overseas, that increased 53 per cent year before that. It estimated to keep high speed to demand by per year. In order to fulfill the shortening and almost blank, ití»s firmly necessary to develop and upgrade the production of galvanization in our country.