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Stainless steel is mainly stable

Inquiries : 13 - 2018/12/26 18:05:34

201 market inventory is tight, the price is stable, Wuxi Lianzhong agent callback 8600/ton, other origins around8550/ton; Foshan market mainstream price at 8400-8450/ton, Hong Wang, Chengde resources reported 8450/ton, Lianzhong resources are around 8400/ton.

304 cold rolling is also stable, Wuxi four-foot Taigang in the vicinity of 14850/ton, Zhangpu reported to 14900/ton, wine steel traders quoted at 14800/ton; Foshan Zhangpu price at 15300/ton, too Near the steel price of 15100/ton, the mainstream price of wine steel is 14800/ton, private cold rolling, December 25, 2018, Fujian sheet metal 304 cold rolling January futures sales base price of 14100/ton, 1.0 or more sales base price of ¥14200/ ton.

In terms of hot rolled resources, today's 304 hot rolling fell slightly by 50, Wuxi five feet 304 hot rolled Guangqing fell 50, Dongte, Chengde, Delong 13550/ton, Guangqing 13500/ton; Foshan Shandong special report 13750/ton, Chengde spot resources 13500/ton, Delong 13450/ton, the market is mainly shipped.

Christmas Nickel was closed

Yesterday, Lun Nickel fell back and finally closed down to $10875. The nickel supply gap has gradually narrowed, and nickel prices are unlikely to have a large room for recovery. Today, LME is also closed for holidays.


Today's conservative market is still the theme, the Aoyama system has more flats, and the market has more to accompany the market. At the end of the year, stainless steel merchants have a strong willingness to ship, and the transaction may be slightly profitable. Orders are generally on demand, and shipping is the theme.