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Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet ĘC Ideal for Different Industry

Inquiries : 153 - 2018/12/18 18:13:41

Cold rolling takes place with the metal below its re-crystallization temperature that is usually at room temperature. It is helpful in increasing the strength via strain hardening; while it improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances. In a variety of industries where extreme conditions may exist like marine, oil & gas, chemical processing, petroleum, power generation, food processing and wastewater, requirement of high quality stainless steel cold rolled sheet is always higher. Such kind of rolled sheets are required to ensure durability and safety as well as ensuring no leakage in any way.

Cold rolling is a process by which the sheet metal or strip stock is introduced between rollers and then compressed and squeezed. Cold rolling sheets are used to further treat to enhance its strength and its strength-to-weight ratio. It enables it to hold tighter tolerance for the duration of fabricating and machining. Not to mention the amount of strain introduced determines the hardness and other material properties of the finished product.

What Makes Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheets Useful for Industry?

Process of such stainless steel cold rolled sheets is far different as cold drawing increases the yield and tensile strengths that often eliminate costly thermal treatments. Not to mention the way for turning that gets rid of surface imperfections and grinding that narrows the original size tolerance range. Polishing is another important part that improves surface finish.

Cold products that are providing a superior surface finish are counted superior in tolerance, concentricity and straightness in comparison to hot rolled. Cold finished bars and sheets are typically harder to work with in comparison to hot rolled because of the increased carbon content. They have low carbon content and typically annealed; while making it softer in comparison to hot rolled sheets.