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Different Finishes of Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

Inquiries : 153 - 2018/1/31 14:22:21

Stainless steel sheets are well known for being a cost-effective form of stainless steel, providing outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent workability. Ideal for applications where sanitation is critical where there is a constant risk of corrosion. Since stainless steel sheet does not rust and so Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet does not need protecting from moisture or chemicals, it is very popular in the market.

Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet is easy to clean and does not tend to pick up odours, also it is non-magnetic to count as a strong feature. Despite its durability, it is also popular in kitchens due to its low maintenance, cleanliness, appearance, and corrosion resistance to food acids and water.

The sheets are cold rolled and pre-cut in a range of thicknesses, these are ideal for a large number of applications but especially those where corrosion and/or sanitation is an issue. Comes in different finishes:

Brushed finish: The most commonly used finish for most stainless steel appliances is the Brushed finishes. Brushed finish provides a bright and brushed appearance which can withstand daily use and mask the fingerprints, scuffs, scratches, etc.

Mirror finish: It is produced using polishing with successively finer abrasives and buffing extensively until all grit lines from preliminary grinding operations are removed. It has the most reflective surface of stainless steel commonly available in the market. Mirror finish is used for cosmetic applications such as mirrors and reflectors

Bright Annealed: Though it is not clear and defect free as the mirror finish but it is obtained by annealing the material under an atmosphere so that scale is not produced on the surface. This offer as a highly reflective, mirror-like finish without further polishing.

Bright, Cold Rolled: It is most avidly used for light gauge stainless steel sheet. A bright, cold-rolled finish is also known as ¡°Mill¡± finish as it resembles a very hazy mirror, with some reflection evident. This is the general-purpose cold-rolled finish that can be used, or a preliminary step to polishing. It is obtained by a final light roll pass of the sheet through polished rolls. These sheets typically do not have any protective coating and therefore may contain light marks from handling and shearing operations.

Brushed, 120 Grit: It is used in heavy industry areas as it can be further polished after fabrication. An intermediate polished surface obtained by finishing with a 120-grit abrasive. A directional course ¡°grain¡± running in one direction, the #3 polish stainless sheets come with peel off protective covering on one side that can be removed after the material is installed.

Brushed, 150 Grit: This is a general purpose bright finish sheet with a visible directional ¡°grain¡±, this Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet has a polished surface obtained by finishing with a 150 mesh abrasive. It prevents mirror reflection, commonly used in kitchen applications. Like the Brushed 120 grit finish, these sheets also come with a peel off protective coating on one side.