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Why Choose Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet?

Inquiries : 153 - 2017/4/29 18:18:38

Stainless steel is an amazingalloy which is unique amongst the service industry. The companies which offersteel products already specialize within the market place, they allows to fullyservice specific industry groups. Starting from automotive, aerospace, commercialkitchen and many more , they provide services in every possible market.

There are variety of customers inthe market who are not completely aware of the products available in themarket. Though not their fault at all, they doní»t use these materials in dailylives yet they do. So, to make them aware, Stainless Steel Rolled Sheet can befound in two different types which is Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet and HotRolled Sheet. So what are the differences in these two types?

These two types of steel rolledsheet mentioned earlier have nothing major differences but some fundamentaldifferences. The ways these metals are processed at the mill are different andnot the product specification or grade. The term Cold Rolled is mistakenly usedon all products but it refers mainly to the rolling of flat rolled sheet andcoil products.

If in case you want to know ofthe differences in specifications in between the Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet and hot rolled sheet, cold rolled sheet has low carbon content ascompared to the hot rolled sheet which makes it softer. The process of colddrawing increases the yield and tensile strengths and therefore, it eliminatesthe costly thermal treatments.

The cold rolled steel isessentially hot rolled steel which has been further processed. In the processof making cold rolled sheet, the steel is further processed in cold reductionmills and cooled at room temperature followed by annealing. This cause the steelto produce the material with closer dimensional tolerances and a wider range ofsurface finishes.