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What Makes Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet Different?

Inquiries : 153 - 2017/4/4 18:43:53

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Rolling is a metal forming process where the metal stockpasses through one or more pairs of rolls to reduce the thickness. It helps inmaking the thickness even throughout the material. Now, if you are researchingdeep enough, you already know that Stainless Steel Rolled Sheet is availed withtwo types, Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet and Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Sheet.

Since, rolling is classified according to the temperature ofthe metal rolled, when the temperature of the metal is above itsrecrystallization temperature, then the process is known as hot rolling. If thetemperature of the metal is below its recrystallization temperature, theprocess is called as cold rolling. There are not too many differences in thefeatures of Hot and Cold rolled sheet. Hot rolling processes are much morepopular but cold rolling processes are more popular by tonnage out of all coldworking processes in terms of usage and volume.

Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that hashad further processing. This process produces steel with closer dimensionaltolerances and a wider range of surface finishes. It is famously known as flatrolled sheet and coil products but the term used is ¡°cold finishing¡± as itconsists of cold drawing and/or turning, grinding and polishing. This processresults in higher yield points and has four main advantages which is turning,grinding, polishing and tensile strength.

All Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet provide a superiorsurface finish, tolerance, concentricity and straightness when compared to hotrolled sheet. If you¡¯re looking for an online steel supplier, experience ourservice and quality to decide the supplier for your next project. Check outcollection of Cold Rolled Steel and see how easy it is to find good productsonline.