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Application of Stainless steel plate

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/11/30 17:14:26

As we all know,The are countless uses of stainless steel product in life.We can understand the application through appearance and what is called,such as pipe,wire and mesh.Now we talk about the application of stainless steel plate (4 to 100 mm in thickness).

In general,stainless steel plate are mainly used for making all kinds of containers, furnace shell, furnace plates, bridge, automotive and marine engineering projects.

1.Boiler, Container
 Some people maybe have the question: what is the stainless steel container made by? The answer is stainless steel plate.Corrosion in food machinery transport tanks stainless steel container is mostly made of stainless steel plate.Such as large petroleum, chemical, food processing base in stainless steel heat exchanger, reactor, tower, food machinery and milk transport tanks is the the same.This is the largest areas for application stainless steel.


2.Marine Engineering Project
 As corrosion from seawater is devastating to carbon steel,the parts in marine engineering project which contact with seawater must be made by stainless steel plate.There are more and more applicants in the stainless steel for ocean engineering.In the 21st century,development of ocean play an increasingly important part role.Advanced stainless steel used in direct contact with the water part, common stainless steel used in other places.Such as most devices in the mining ship for natural gas are made of stainless steel ;the part which contacts gas on the platforms of exploitation is stainless steel.


 Stainless steel plate is also used to make car girder,special hull steel,bicycle parts,engine parts,car decoration,bumper and etc...

4.Base installation
 About bridge parts,amusement facilities,building structure,building decoration and etc,stainless steel plate also play important role in our life.

Through the understanding on the application of the stainless steel plate, you feel everywhere in our life is made from stainless steel plate,isní»t it.Stainless steel is one of great invention of human and the science is the greatest force.