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Duplex Pipe

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If you are in the market for the best in duplex welded pipe and duplex welded tube, look no further than JIANGSUSTEEL. We have an extensive production range in which we offer pipe sizes from 1/2 of an inch to 144 inches (Nominal Pipe Size), as well as tubing sizes on request. In addition to all these great capabilities, we have unmatched wall thickness, length and testing.

A heat treatment is offered on sizes up to and including 36 inches. To insure that a quality product is supplied, JIANGSUSTEEL maintains the rigorous ISO 9001:2008, PED, ASME U and ASME Nuclear (NPT) certifications. Our commitment to providing you with quality duplex welded tube and pipe is backed by our acceptance on most Authorized Manufacturers Lists (AMLs). JIANGSUSTEEL also has experienced knowledge behind the production of duplex welded within the very strict regulations of pipe, oil and gas specifications and testing requirements.

Specifications of Duplex welded pipe:

In addition to holding our company to the highest standards, JIANGSUSTEEL also maintains a full inventory of Duplex 2205 pipe in diameters from 2 inches through 24 inches. And we also keep a full stock of Duplex 2205 pipe in Schedules 10S through 40S, as well as some 80S. However, we also carry other pipe sizes in our inventory. No matter what you need for your welded pipe project, let JIANGSUSTEEL be your guide in duplex welded pipe.