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Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/9/9 13:47:06

1.Stainless steel solid wire

Features: MIG welding and TIG welding wires reduce the metal surface tension,but ití»s

difficult to produce penetration,slag,holes and other missing filling.
2.Stainless steel flux cored wires


1)deposiyion rate is high,the deposition efficiency up yo90%.

2)Current,voltage range,ease of semi-automatic and automatic welding.

3)Good detach ablity,weld bead surface gloss.In addition,good arc stability,*-qualified

Specification: 1.0  1.2  1.6  2.0  2.5  3.2  4.0mm

Tolerance: +0.03mm  -0.03mm


1.Widely used for submerged arc welding.Widely used in areas such as welding Sheet.

2.Widely used in carbon steel and low alloy steel flux-cored.

Package: PVC plastic box,length 1mm,5kg/box,1.0-1.2 strip printing,and according to customer Requirements.