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Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

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 Cold rolling is under the recrystallization of rolling, but generally understood to use room temperature rolling material. Aluminium cold rolled into sheet mill and foil rolling. Thickness above  0.15 ~ called board, 0.15~the following referred to as a foil. Europe and the  United States more than using 3~6 sets of continuous mill as cold rolling  equipment.

Product characteristic
 (1)With good durability, compared with galvanized steel longer life;
 (2) has good heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel at high  temperatures and not easy to change color;
 (3) has good heat reflective;
 (4) with the silver gorgeous surface;
 (5) has a similar to galvanized steel processing and spraying performance;
 (6) has a good welding performance.

Application: apply to demanding in galvanized industry.
 6, electroplating sn (tin) : use of insoluble anode of Florida, Stan  electroplating tin process.
 7, PPGI;
 8, electrical steel, silicon steel sheet

Application Range
 Cold  rolled steel sheet use is very wide, such as  automotive manufacturing, electrical appliances, vehicles, aerospace, precision  instrument, canned food, etc.

Cold rolled steel sheet is short for ordinary carbon structural steel manufacture, also known as manufacture, commonly known  as the cold sheet, are sometimes mistakenly written as cold sheet. Cold sheet is  made of ordinary carbon structural steel hot-rolled steel belt, after further  made from cold rolled steel sheet thickness is less than 4 mm.Due to rolling at  room temperature, do not produce iron oxide, therefore, the surface of cold sheet is of good quality and size precision is high, coupled with annealing treatment, the mechanical performance and the performance is better than that of the hot rolled sheet steel, in many fields, especially in home appliance  manufacturing areas, has been gradually replace the hot rolled steel sheet with  it.

Performance specifications
 Width  : 1450 mm cold rolled sheet
 Commodity standard number sheetp specification standards
 Cold rolled coil GBGB11253 ST12 * (SPCC) - SB - 89 (SPCC) * * (SPCC) - B * ST12  - SD * ST12 - SB * ST12 Q1950.20-1.2 - B * * 800-1250
 Manufacture GBGB11253 ST12 * (SPCC) - SB - 89 (SPCC) * * (SPCC) - B * ST12 - SD  * ST12 - SB * ST12 Q1950.20-1.2 - B * * * (1600-2500), 800-1250
 Width  : 1450 mm cold rolled sheet grades and USES
 Breed standards, kinds of purposes and characteristics
 Cold rolled sheet GB700-88 hard roll (SPCC) - 1 b and low yield point, stamping  plasticity zone shape stability is good
 Bright annealing soft board (SPCC) - SD, low yield point, stamping and  plasticity zone shape stability is good
 Cold rolled deep drawing steel strip SPCD stamping performance better, and slip  line should not be created
 Cold rolled deep drawing steel belt SPCE fine stamping formability, can reduce  the stamping way In the wide manufacture.