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316 stainless steel wire

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Similar in composition to Type 302, Type 316 stainless steel wire has a slightly higher nickel content and 2-2.50% molybdenum giving this alloy better corrosion resistance. Type 316's tensile strength is 10-15% lower than that of Type 302, and the alloy is slightly less magnetic in the spring temper than Type 302. With its superior cold working properties, it can be used for severe cold forming operations and exhibits short time tensile and creep strength properties at elevated temperatures. Gibbs Type 316 stainless steel wire is coated for coiling and is available in the range 0.015" - 0.625" conforming to ASTM A 313. Nickel coated available on application in size range 0.007" to 0.130"

All of our 321 stainless steel coil is ordered to specific decimal thicknesses.

As a professional manufacturer, we£¬Jiangsusteel Group, can provide different size of  wire with good quality and reasonable price.

 Applications: Welding net, knit mesh, conveyor and filters.
 Type: 302 ,304 (L),316(L),321 ,410 ,430
 Wire diameter: Ø0.02-6.0mm.
 Characteristics: Shiny surface condition excellent workability.