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Applications Of Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plate

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/3/23 14:31:46

Stainless steel hot rolled plate has strong ductility, toughness and mechanical strength and resist acid and alkaline gases, solvents and other media. It is not a easy rusty steel, but not mean it never not rust.

Applications of stainless steel hot rolled plate:

1. Mainly used for welded structure, bridges, ships, vehicles production.

2. Plate with good weldability is used to produce the frame and wheel of cars.

3. With good compressive strength, it is used in the production of high-pressure gas container.

4. After hot rolled, stainless steel hot rolled plate is applied to manufacture different mechanical parts with carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel.

5. Stainless steel hot rolled plate also are widely used in the food industry, surgical equipment, aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries.

6. Add special elements (P, Cu, C, etc.) with good corrosion resistance which are mostly used for shipping containers, the production of special vehicles, but also for building structures.