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201 Grade Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/3/14 17:28:11

Grade 201 is an austenitic chromium nickel manganese stainless steel that was developed originally to conserve nickel. This alloy is non-magnetic in the annealed condition, but becomes magnetic when cold worked. Grade 201 develops somewhat higher yield strength while retaining equal ductility when cold rolled. Toughness at low temperatures is excellent. Typical uses include appliances, restaurant equipment, cooking utensils, sinks, automotive trim, architectural applications such as windows and doors, railway cars and trailers.

Cold rolled stainless steel sheet is manufactured from hot rolled, annealed by cold rolling on polished rolls. Depending on the thickness desired, the cold rolling requires various numbers of passes through the mill to effect the necessary reduction and to secure the desired surface characteristics and mechanical properties. Stainless steel cold rolled sheet are widely used in a variety of architectural and engineering structures, such as metal constructions for buildings, bridges, ships; transmission tower, reaction tower; lifting transportation machinery; industrial furnace; boilers, container frame, warehouse goods shelves.

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