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Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet Has A Long Life Time

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/2/18 17:12:19

Stainless steel cold rolled sheet is suitable for all weather use. The life time of our stainless steel cold rolled sheet is very long. It will not crack, bubble and peel when being used in ultraviolet radiation, moisture, salt, heat and cold insulation for long time. It's easy to install stainless steel cold rolled sheet for buildings, when you have set up the sheet for the house/ factory plant/ refrigerating room,  with only several workers could install the sheet with much shorter time compare with the traditional construction.

Stainless steel cold rolled sheet use is very wide, such as automotive manufacturing, electrical appliances, vehicles, aerospace, precision instrument, canned food, etc. Warmly welcome you send your details buying information to my email or leave a message, any questions, please directly contact with us. Shanghai office tel:+86-021-61730680 61730706 61730737.