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Smooth BA Surface Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/2/5 17:48:15

Bright Annealed Finish is a smooth, bright, reflective finish typically produced by cold rolling followed by annealing in a protective atmosphere so as to prevent oxidation and scaling during annealing.BA is common in some grades and thicknesses,but not all.It is highly corrosion resistant because it is very smooth.It is has been produced in the mill and can't be exactly matched after fabrication although a mechanical mirror polish can be close.

After cold rolling,the sheet is annealed in a protective atmosphere that prevents oxidisation of the surface, pickling is not needed.This surface quality is termed bright annealed finish BA.Since the surface has not come into contact with pickling acids,it attains a brighter finish.BA surface stainless steel cold rolled sheet is used for the manufacture of household appliances,electric equipment,building construction.

 Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet