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Three Polishing Methods of Stainless Steel

Inquiries : 153 - 2016/1/13 10:20:08

Normally to say, there are three polishing methods used for stainless steel.

They are mechanical polishingchemical polishing and electrochemical

polishing. Each one has its own characteristics.

1. Mechanical polishing:

Advantages: Good leveling character and high brightness of processed parts.

Disadvantages: Serious pollution problem, high labor intensity. Complex parts

cannot be manufactured and the brightness of its surface is not the same.

2. Chemical polishing:

Advantages: Fast, high efficiency. Good corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages: The drawbacks are the differences of brightness and gas

overflow. Chemical polishing requires the need for ventilation and will cause

heating difficulties. In most situations, small quantities of complex parts

are made available.

3. Electrochemical polishing:

Advantages: The advantages are specular gloss retention, process stability,

less pollution, low cost and good corrosion resistance.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages are the high pollution prevention, one-time

investment in processing equipment, complex tools, and auxiliary electrode

mass production also need cooling facilities.