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2D Surface Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

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Stainless steel sheet can be applied to construction field,ships building industry,chemical industries,and electricityindustries,food processing and medical industry,boiler heat exchanger,machinery and hardware fields.

2D Surface Stainless Steel is used widely in applications where its low reflectivity is important.The largest application is in roofing materials.The surface is rougher than 2B and retains lubricants better making it appealing for deep drawring.2D surfaces are not designed for appearance so the limitations on matching of weld and other surface damage is not as critical.

Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet

2D Surface Stainless Steel Cold Rolled Sheet is highly corrosion resistant because it has been chemically pickled and is relatively smooth.It has been produced in the mill and can't be matched after fabrication.