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Stainless Steel Sheet / Plate Description

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Stainless steel sheet/plate is available with a full choice of grades and sizes

Stainless Steel Plate: stainless steel plate is a flat steel which has a large T/W ratio and surface area.Classifing according to thickness,there are two kinds of plates:sheets (thickness equal or less than 4mm)and Plates(thickness over 4mm).In realistic works ,we usually named the plates whose thickness are equal or less than 20mm as middlethickness plate,named thte plates whose thickness betweeen20mm and 60mm as thick plates ,named the plates whose thickness are over 60mm as special thick plate.they are wholly called medium plate.Small width with a long length usually called steel strip.

Product Description:

1Grade-300/400/200 srs310S .309S  316Ti  316L 304L 321 .....                              

2) Process:Hot Rolled/Cold Rolled

3) Specification:

Tickness -Various standard thickness range.

0.4mm to 3mm (Cold Rolled process)
3mm to 35mm (hot rolled process)
Length:2000mm,2438mm, 2400mm,3000mm,6000mm
4Finish-Various standard Finishes option:2B / BA /HL /Mirror

5) All can be supplied as the requirement of customers.
6) Package: Wooden pallets, Wooden cases or according to customer's requests

Production Usage:

Jiangsu Steel Group provides the stainless steel plate grades and competitive pricing you need for success in your industry. Stainless plate products are used in industries that include but are not limited to food processing, chemical processing, power generation, high vacuum, wastewater treatment, heat treatment, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, beverage bottling, and brewing. To discover the many industry applications that our stainless steel products.

Different Surface Finish:

Surface finish

Characteristics and application


Hot-rolled surface,annealed and pickled,can be used as cold-rolling material,industial tanks and chemical devices.


Cold-rolled, annealed and pick led with out skinpassing the dull products can be used as to mobile parts, building materrials and pipings.


The surface brightness and flatness of NO.2B is better than NO.2D. Then through a special surface treament to improve its mechamical properties, N02B could nearly satisfy comprehensive uses.


Pol ished with abra sive belt of grit #100-#120,have bet ter brightness with dis continuous coarsestria, used as in ner and external or naments for building, elec trical appliances and kitchenuten sils etc.


Polished with abrasive belt of grit #150-#180, have better brightness with discontinuous coarse stria, but thinner than NO.3, are used as bathtud buildinginner and external ornaments electrical appliances, kitchen utensils and food processing equipment etc.


Polished with abrasive belt of grit #320, have better brightness with discontinuous coarse stria, but thinner NO.3, are used as bathtub building inner and external ornaments electrical appliances, kitchen utensils and food lprocessing equipment etc.


Polished with abrasive belt of grit #150-320 on the No.4 finish and has continuous streaks, mainly used as builing or naments, elevators, door of building, frontal plate etc.


Cold rolled, bright annealed and skin-passed, the product has excellent brightness and good reflexiity like mirror, used for lectrical appliances, mirror, kitch en apparatus, or na ment materials etc.