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Stainless steel plate is a flat steel which has a large T/W ratio and surface area.Classifing according to thickness,there are two kinds of plates:sheets(thickness equal or less than 4mm) and plates(thickness over 4mm).In realistic works,we usually named the plates whose thickness are equal or less than 20mm as middle thickness plate,named the plates whose thickness between 20mm and 60mm as thick plates,named the plates whose thickness are over 60mm as special thick plate.They are wholly called medium plate.Small width with a long length uaually called steel strip.

Jiangsu Steel Group is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel hot rolled plate.According to ASTM,JIS and AISI,GB,standards,Jiangsu steel enhances effectiveness and of quality control from selecting the raw materials,cutting,slitting,shearing,surface treatment,packing,exporting of the existing products.Stainlees steel hot rolled plates are suitable for steel structure,bridge engineering,plant and residential building,petroleum and gas conveying pipelines,general machine manufacturing,such asmine driller,excavator,power trolley, truck,loader,scraper,crane and etc.

Jiangsu Steel Group provides high grade stainless steel hot rolled plate and competitive price you need for success in your industry.Stainless plate products are used in industries that include but are not limited to food processing,chemical processing,power generation,high vacuum,wastewater treatment,pulp and paper,pharmaceutical,beverage botting,and brewing.We export package by wooden carton or according to clinet's demand.If you are interested in our products,please contactus at any time.

Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plate