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What is the Difference Between Hot Rolled Steel and Cold Rolled Steel?

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/11/19 14:49:52

There is aforemost distinction in hot and cold rolled iron alloy. When you roll a steel,you

conceivelittle imperfections inside the atomic layout of the steel. These imperfectionsare

calleddislocations. As the steel is revolved, angled, rotated, or"DEFORMED", these

dislocationsboost in number and entangle with other living dislocations making the steel

HARDER. This is very important becausefreezing revolving iron alloy is a bargain way of

hardening it and preparing it for its proposedsubmission.

Hot rollingiron alloy is one way to prepare iron alloy for submission but keeping some

allowance of its ductility( softness orproficiency to bend). The heat actually prohibits the

dislocations from forming and evolvingentangled. I understand a business in village that

makes steel coil jumps for vehicles. They useinduction heating system to heat the rods

and then bend them. exactly after they dunkthem in a coolant bathing tubing tubing tub

that furthermore hardens them by altering theatomic structure but not ever brain this tide

bit of info.

We did acooling experiment. We took small parts of copper tubing and angled them with

our bare hands until the copper couldn't beangled any more. We then hot rolled copper

tubing with a assault torch. After it chilled,the copper was as ductile as it was before we

had bent it. astonishing!

Sofundamentally freezing rolling makes the iron alloy harder while organizing itfor


Hot rollingkeeps the iron alloy in a state that is still ductile.