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We supply worldwide a wide variety of quality alloy steel plate and carbon steel plate, precision flamecut steel plate shapes and patterns, steel round bar and steel flatbar to customers for use in steel fabrication and manufacturing in the petrochemical refining, process plant, power generation, pressure vessel fabrication,heat exchanger manufacturing, mining equipment fabrication, marine offshoreconstruction, naval and military steel fabrication and machined metal parts industries.

Alloy steel plate,hereby we mean high alloy steel plate which are added other alloychemical elements besides iron and carbon. According to the different additiveelements,and taking appropriate processing technology,alloy steel plate wouldowned availability of high strength,high toughness,wear resistance,corrosionresistance,non-magnetic and other special properties.

Rolling specifications range:Thicknesswithin 3-300mm,Width within 1250-4000mm,Length within 4500-14000mm.

Additional technical terms: Heat treatmentsuch as Normalized,Annealed,Stress relief,Quenched and Tempered,PWHT(Simulatedpost-welded heat-treatment)

Popular Grades ¨C Alloy Steel Plate:

4340 / E4340
T1 / Abrasion resistant

For more detailed information on the alloysteel grades available in plate, please visit the alloy steel page. To requesta quotation for alloy steel plate products, please contact Jiangsu Steel here.

Fabrication Titanium Alloy

Because of its high strength to weight ratio, titanium is used in a variety of applications, including products where weight is of importance such as aircraft, sporting equipment, etc.. Because ofits excellent corrosion resistance, titanium is also used for chemicalprocessing, desalination, power generation equipment, valve and pump parts,marine hardware, and prosthetic devices.

Titanium is rather difficult to fabricatebecause of its susceptibility to oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen impurities which cause the titanium to become more brittle. Elevated temperature processing must be used under special conditions in order to avoid diffusion ofthese gasses into the titanium. Commercially produced titanium products aremade in the following mill wrought forms; plate, tubing, sheet, wire,extrusions, and forgings. Titanium can also be cast, which must be done in avacuum furnace because of titanium¡¯s reactive nature.

Alloy Steel Plate Supply Chain Solutions

Jiangsu Steel holds significant alloy steel plate stock globally; distributed from our warehouses with broad processingcapabilities in the U.S, Canada, France, Mexico, Shanghai, Singapore & the U.K.

Combining the highest quality of materialsand sophisticated technology, we are presenting Plates that are made withsupreme quality carbon and alloy steel. Available in different grades andconfigurations, the plates manufactured by us hold high tensile strength andpossess longer service life.

Jiangsu Steel can help to satisfy the mostdemanding alloy steel plate requirements from global customers operating withina wide range of industries including oil & gas, commercial & militaryaircraft and more! Contact us today for information on our global alloy steelsupply chain solutions.

In addition to being a steel plate distributor and steel bar stock supplier, we provide a single source from which many supporting items and steel plate fabrication can be purchased¡­ We are pleased to serve up the following additional information via the World Wide Web, and invite your domestic and international sales inquiries¡­