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Northern European HRC Steel prices stay flat at €371 per ton

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/10/13 10:49:05

LONDON (Scrap Register): Northern Europe hot rolled coil (HRC) steel prices remained flat week-on-week at €371per ton in the week ended September 25, as per the latest figures released byThe Steel Index.

Accordingto TSI, European hot rolled(HR) coil benchmark experienced a see-sawweek with spot prices falling heavily to new record low¡¯s earlier in the weekbefore recovering a few Euros higher.

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Italianre-roller Marcegaglia announced it would make minor adjustments to prices forsteel products, following an updated price list earlier this year.

Accordingto Plats reports, the re-roller said demand fundamentals had remained sound butfears over falling steelmaking costs meant buyers remained cautious.

Indeed, other purchasers noted that asoftening of HR(hot rolled) coil prices in Asia had also side-lined many in Europe, in the hope that domestic steel prices would follow suit downwards.