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Stainless Steel

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As a stainless steel supplier, we can offer you nearly any alloy of stainless you need.  We find that the vast majority of customers, though, use Type 304, or Type 316 when greater corrosion resistance is needed. We also carry T303 in rounds and squares for machining.  You can find more infomation clicking on the little "Need Help Choosing?" buttons.

Sheet, Plate, or Extrusion?

Stainless Steel Sheets range from 28 gauge (.015") to 7 gauge (.187") thick; stainless steel plates are the same idea only thicker.  The other way to get your stainless steel is in one of the many extruded shapes we have.  Just like making spaghetti, stainless steel plates is pressed through dies into rounds, tubing, pipes, angles, rectangles, and many other shapes.

Sheet Finishes

Our stainless steel sheet is available in 3 finishes:  2B (industrial finish with no grain), # 4 (polished finish with grain in one direction), and # 8 mirror (polished, highly reflective finish with no grain).