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X39CrMo17-1 steel

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We, Jiangsu steel can supply the X39CrMo17-1 steel Bar & Hollow bar, X39CrMo17-1  steel Strip, Coil, Wire, X39CrMo17-1  steel Plate&Sheet, X39CrMo17-1  steel Tube&Pipe,X39CrMo17-1  Non-magnetic Steel, etc. MechanicalProperties, Hardness and heat treatment specification. Machinability, Welding, Hot Working, Cold Working, Annealing, Tempering, Hardening, Heat treatment, etc.

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Standard Number: X39CrMo17-1;NF-EN10088-2 ;1.4122

Standard classification: Martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steel

Grade: Standard Grade

Belong to class: Stainless Steel, Heat-ResistantSteel and Special Alloy Steel ;France steel grades

Chemical composition:


Si(%):Max 1.00

Mn(%):Max 1.50

P(%):Max 0.040

S(%):Max 0.015



Ni(%):Max 1.00

Heat treatment:





Q & T

Heartreatment:Heat treatment temperatures for steel specifications, including rateof heating, cooling and soaking times etc. will vary due to factors such as theshape and size of each steel component. Other considerations duringthe heat treatment process include the type of furnace, quenching medium andwork piece transfer facilities.

Available dimension:

Steel Grade


Processing range(mm)


Round Bar and Hollow Bar

ŽÁ1 to ŽÁ2000

Square and Flat Steel

ŽÁ10 to ŽÁ100

Plate and Sheet


Tube or Pipe

OD:ŽÁ4-410; WT:1-35 mm; Lenght:10-12000

Coil and Strip Steel

THK:0.1mm Width:1500mm




The X39CrMo17-1 steel can be widely used in the following industry field.

In allaspects of aviation,aerospace,shipbuilding,military industry,nuclear power and transportation,machine,petromechemical,medicalinstruments. Air Bag Components, Oil Field Products, Aerospace, Defense,Forgers, Light & Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, PostTensioning Fasteners, Bolts, Medium & Heavy Duty Electric Motors,Power Transmissions,Bearings, Suspension Parts, Turbine Blades, Hand Tools, Automotive Parts andFasteners, Marine Outboard Engines,etc.

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