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Prices for stainless steel products continue to decrease

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/9/8 13:21:05

Products supply is higher than the actual demand.In June 2015 the pricesituation on the domestic market was affected by a significant reduction inbusiness activity. Solvent demand has decreased, while the volume of supply isstill very high. To maintain the turnover several metal trading companies havereduced their selling prices to the level of almost zero profit. Naturally,this has reflected onthe overall price situation.

Average stainless steel prices for cold- rolled flat products AISI 304 2B decreased by 0.7% to212,930 RUB/t (inc.VAT 18%), AISI 321 2B - by 0.9% to 228,020 RUB/t, AISI 4302B - by 2.2% to 113,485 RUB/t.
Average prices for hot-rolled flat products AISI 321 1N decreased on:
- 6-25mm thick - by 0.9% to 230,450 RUB/t,
- 30-80mm thick - by 1.7% to 235,630 RUB/t.
Demand for long stainless steel products has also decreased.
Average prices for long products with diameter from 30mm to 190mm AISI 321decreased by 0.7% to 212,780 RUB/t. (inc.VAT 18%), AISI 431- by 0.7% to 180,060RUB/t and rental AISI 420 - by 0.1% to 100,020 RUB/t.