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Methods of seamless stainless steel pipe hardness testing

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/8/31 14:48:58

Hardness testing ofseamless stainless steel pipes needto take into account its mechanical properties, performance and quality of thisis related to the deformation of stainless steel as raw materials, stamping, cuttingand other processing. Therefore, all seamless stainless steel tubes formechanical properties testing. Mechanical properties of the test method ismainly divided into two categories, a tensile test, hardness test.

The tensile test is theseamless stainless steel tubes made of samples, sample in the tensile testmachine will pull to fracture, then the determination of one or severalmechanical properties , usually only the determination of tensile strength, yieldstrength, percentage elongation and section shrinkage. The tensile test themechanical properties of metal materials, the basic test methods, anlamost allmetallic materials, as long as the mechanical properties required to provide atensile test. Especially those who shape is not easy material hardness test, tensiletest to become only the mechanical properties testing means.

The hardness testis a hard indenter prescribed conditions slowly pressed into the surface of thesample, and then test the indentation depth or size, in order to determine thesize of the material hardness. The hardness test is the mechanical performancetest is the easiest, fastest and most easy to implement. Hardness test isnon-destructive, the approximate conversion relationship between hardness and tensilestrength values. The material's hardness value can be converted into thetensile strength values, it has great practical significance.

Tensile test is noteasy to test and the strength is very convenient, so people are increasinglytest hardness and less test its strength, and hardness conversion. Hardnessmanufacturing technology continues to progress and innovation, the original cannot directly test the hardness of materials, such as seamless stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate and stainlesssteel bands.