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What¡¯s the difference between stainless steel tubes and pipes?

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/8/27 11:38:13

Stainless steel tubes and pipes have similar meanings describing the long and hollow cylinder-shaped products. However, under some circumstances we definitely know which wordshould be used.

When we use up the toothpaste, we say ¡°I need a tube of tooth paste¡±. When workers are doing roadworks, we say ¡°they are laying pipes under the road¡±. Here, it is obvious thatthe diameter of pipes is much larger than tubes. Generally speaking, pipes arethicker than tubing.

However, American Societyof Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has already set up the definition of stainlesssteel tubes and pipes and their distinction.

1.Function:Pipes are typically used to distribute fluid, while the function of stainless steel tubes is to transfer heat. (For example, heat exchanger tubes & waterpipes)

2. Specification: If you know the two dataof outside diameter, wall thickness and inner diameter, you can know what kindof tubes you can get. However, Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) is the only data whichdecide how the size is designated. NPS is not the real outside diameter of thepipe. So a 3/4 inch iron pipe has an OD of 1.050 inches, while a 3/4 inch tubehas an OD of 0.75 inches.

In all, we don¡¯t have todistinguish these two words very seriously in daily life unless you have to bethe buyer of the company to search for the appropriate stainless steel tubes or pipes.