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3rd International Nickel Conference

Inquiries : 153 - 2015/6/24 17:35:28

Our 2014 conference saw representatives from across the nickel supply chain meet to discuss the industry in the aftermath of the Indonesian export ban. Miners, stainless steel producers, scrap companies and ferronickel producers will meet again in London in 2015 to discuss the future of the industry and make key business contacts.

"Excellent range of speakers with lively and relevant debate."

Jim Lennon, Executive Director, Senior Commodities Strategist - Macquarie

"The one we can't miss, full of information."

Radius Suhendra, President - PT Indoferro

Key discussions for 2015 will include:

-       When the Chinese stockpile of high grade Indonesian ore is depleted what options are available for Chinese NPI plants?

-       How viable is a Filipino mineral export ore ban?

-       What role are speculators playing in the nickel price?

-       How are Chinese funded NPI plants in Indonesia progressing?

-       New projects and the impact new material will have on the market

-       End user applications: Jet engines and batteries

-       What is the state of the stainless steel industry? If China¡¯s stainless steel producers are forced to use higher costing raw materials what does this mean for rest of the industry?