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Discover Global stainless steel tube industry trends & opportunities to 2019

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The report provides an insight into the market dynamics, trends and opportunities associated with the global stainless steel tube market. The report gives a detailed analysis of the global production of stainless steel tubes in the past five years and also forecasts the market for the coming years. Further, it covers the global production based on steel grade and production methods. The report also captures the stainless steel tubing market dynamics in North America, South & Central America, China, European Union, China and Germany.

  The report concludes with a brief discussion of major factors driving the global stainless steel tube market and profiles major players like Tubacex, Sandvik, Nippon Stainless Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation and Bri-Chem.

  Geographical Coverage

  ′ Global

  ′ North America

  ′ Central & South America

  ′ EU

  ′ Germany

  ′ Asia

  ′ China

  ′ CIS countries

  Company Coverage

  ′ Tubacex

  ′ Sandvik

  ′ Jiangsu Steel Group

  ′ Brichem

  Today, All types of stainless steel products are in demand due to the superior quality, durability, longer functional life and corrosion resistance features. One such example is of Stainless steel tube which is widely used in the food and dairy industries, automotive industry, oil and gas exploration and production and various other industrial sectors.

  Globally, the stainless steel tube market was hugely impacted by the economic recession of 2009, but recovered faster than anticipated in 2010. It continued with the dynamic growth driven by development in emerging markets and later by more rapidly recovering economy in industrialized countries.

  The demand of stainless steel tubes is majorly driven by the growing and expanding oil and gas industry, exploration and production of oil and gases and exponentially growing automobile industry in growing economies. The market is anticipated to grow at the back rising demand and unmet opportunities in the developing nations of the world.