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Cold Forming Technology: New Technology That Ensures Higher Quality of Stainless Steel

Inquiries : 153 - 2013/12/9 12:04:42

To manufacture stainless steel in the traditional manner, there is a major demand on the use of machines and tools wherein wear and tear is a regular concern. Much of this has to do with heating process of breaking down the metals and elements so stainless steel products can be formed to specific and exact dimensions and shapes. Furthermore, the traditional methods of making stainless steel have never been energy efficient since it takes a tremendous amount of time to produce to manufacture large volumes of stainless steel products.

Cold forming specialist Dawson Shanahan however has found a way to use cold forming for the production of high precision stainless steel components. This relatively new technology can be used to make stainless steel parts for automotive, medical, aerospace, plasma, electronics, packaging, laser, telecom, and power distribution industries.

Dawson Shanahan broke the barrier that prevented the processing of stainless steel through cold forming. This barrier was the hardness of the steel which is why it has never been used in cold forming before unlike metals such as copper and brass. In fact, cold forming technology can also be used to create titanium-based parts and products, which is another hard metal.

The process of cold forming stainless steel now makes it possible to create a stronger steel product that is proven to be 18% better than those manufactured using traditional machines. With machining, there are cross sections cuts done on the metal that affect the precision of a finished product. Cold forming does not create these kinds of cuts so the finished product can be 99.9% accurate and allow for complex designs and geometries without affecting its appearance or smoothness. It is particularly beneficial for the laser and ultra-high precision tools.

Lastly, with cold forming, there is minimal to zero waste which is extremely beneficial to the environment which has had to deal with hazardous waste from the traditional process of manufacturing stainless steel products. Plus, this new technology is more energy-efficient and safe.