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Stainless Steel Remains Top Choice For Biofuel Industry

Inquiries : 153 - 2013/12/9 12:00:06

Biofuel1 Stainless Steel Remains Top Choice For Biofuel IndustryAccording to a recent news release by the Nickel Institute in Brussels, stainless steel is still the preferred solution for biodiesel, bioethanol, and biogas energy options because it remains cost effective and reliable.

There are several reasons aside from economics why stainless steel works for biofuel plants, process technology, operators, and developers which no other material can adequately compete with. These are the resistance to corrosion, strength, easily fabricated, tough, and ductile. Many biofuel companies are depending on stainless steel companies to come up with solutions for their needs, and in fact would not work with any other material.

The report by the Nickel Institute entitled ˇ°Stainless Steels: Cost Efficient Materials for the Global Biofuel Industryˇ± is expected to boost confidence, sales, and production in stainless steel companies even as the Nickel Institute emphasizes that biofuel companies must be very careful about deciding on the grade of stainless steel material that they will use in their production line.

It also helps that stainless steel is a recycle material and so biofuel companies can work around this factor as part of its sustainability and long-term solutions. Another benefit to using stainless steel would be its low maintenance costs and long term use which would enable companies to keep costs low which are one of the main concerns of the industry.

The growth of the biofuel industry remains to be one of the most promising in the world and many countries have begun turning to biofuel as an alternate power and energy source that should sell at a lower cost.