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Stainless steel stocks up slightly in Chinese Taizhuo market

Inquiries : 153 - 2013/9/24 15:34:21

According to local sources, the stocks of stainless steel products totaled 187,464 tonne in the Chinese Xinhua market in the second half of May, up slightly 0.74% from the previous 15 days.

Among them, 98,470 tonne were cold rolled stainless steel products, falling by 2.09% and 187,464 tonne were hot rolled stainless steel products, increasing by 4.07%, both compared to the figures in the previous 15 days.

For CR stainless steel products, 8,018 tonne were 200 grades, decreasing by 11.42%; 64,268 tonne were 300 grades, down by 2.22% and 26,184 tonne were 400 grades, up by 1.54%, all compared to those in 15 days ago.

For HR stainless steel products, 5,092 tonne were 200 grades, down by 0.1%; 81,094 tonne were 300 grades, increasing by 3.84%, 2,808 tons were 400 grades, rising by 4.07%, all compared to the figures in the first half of May.