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Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire

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Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wire

Price:1000 USD/TON ~ 6033 USD/TON

crew use Wire, Nut used Wire

      Specification: Over 1.0mm

      Grades: 201202302304.316302HQ304HC316L


          AAccurate size, tolerance can reach ± 0.01mm.

          BNice bright surface.

         CHigh Anti- corrosion property. High Tensile Strength and Anti-Fatigue strength.

          DStable composition. Pure steel. Good condition packing. Competitive price.

          EIt is not easy to appear Head-rupture.

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Product Usage

      Cold-heading steel, as its good performance of cold formability, in mechanical processing area, people usually use cold-drawn instead of hot rolling materials' cold cutting processes. The advantage of this technology is: at the same time of saving large amount work times, its metal costs will down 10%-30%. And the product size's precision is high. The surf-ace's brightness and smooth is good. Efficiency is high. This is a new advanced mechanical-process technology which is developed in recent years.


      316 characteristics: Its Anti-corrosion, Anti-Atmosphere corrosion and High temperature stress is excellent. It can be used in harsh environment. Nice harden ability (non-magnetic). Application: camera, food staff industry, facilities and devices used in coastal areas, ropes.

      316L characteristics: its corrosion resistence, atmosphere corrosion resistence and high temperature is excellent, so it can be used in harsh environment; performance of hardness is good (without magnetism). Application: used for products which have special demand of the corrosion resistence.