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Stainless Steel Bright Wire

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Stainless Steel Bright Wire

Price:1000 USD/TON ~ 6033 USD/TON

Stainless Steel Bright Annealing

      Annealing, in metallurgy and materials science, is a heat treatment wherein a material is altered, causing changes in its properties such as strength and hardness. It is a process that produces conditions by heating to above the recrystallization temperature and maintaining a suitable temperature, and then cooling. Annealing is used to induce ductility, soften material, relieve internal stresses, refine the structure by making it homogeneous, and improve cold working properties. But usually, annealing is not the final purpose. Furthermore, it depends on different metal casting. Compared with Normalization, the later has the advantages such as operate easily, short production period, few energy costs. So, if possible, we should consider to use Normalization firstly.

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Product Usage

      Used for elogated wire, weaving mesh, hose, the flame of kitchenware, wire ropes, filtration equipment,steel strand, spring,etc.

Product Application

      Redrew wires, Weaving, Hose, Furniture frame, Steel Wire Ropes, Filtration equipment, Steel strands, Spring, etc.

      Packing: 0.08-0.7mm Stainless steel wires can use plastic spool (drum).

      Specifications of the plastic spools (drum) are as follows:

      DIN 125, Net Weight of one full Spool is around 2kg. Every 16 plastic spools(drums) one carton.

      DIN 160, Net Weight of one full Spool is around 5kg. Every 4 plastic spools(drums) one carton.

      DIN 200, Net Weight of one full Spool is around 10kg. Every 4 plastic spools(drums) one carton.    

      DIN 250, Net Weight of one full Spool is around 15kg. Every 2 plastic spools(drums) one carton.

      0.6-12mm Stainless Steel Wire can use Coil Packing. Inner diameter is: 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 650mm. Per package weight is 30-80kg Wrap films inside and out side.