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Stainless Steel Ronud Bar

Inquiries : 153 - 2014/2/23 18:46:18

       Grade: 201, Y201Cu, 202, 303, 304, 304l, 310, 316, 316lL, 321, 410, 420, 416, 430, 430F, 431etc.

Stainless Steel Bar including Hot Working Bar and Cold Working Bar

    Hot Working including Hot-forged, let the billets to me the final dimension bar.

       The Diameter range of our Hot-rolled bar is ¦µ5.5 ~ ¦µ10mm. The diameter range of our Hot-forged bar is ¦µ110 ~ 400mm.

       Cold Working Bar is after hot working, further taking other processes, such ss Cold - drawn, Centerless Grinding, Polish etc. To get the strict tolerance, improve the surface quality and mechanical property.

       Our Cold - drawn Bright round bar diameter rangle is ¦µ2 ~ ¦µ50mm, Centerless Grinding Bright round bar diameter range is ¦µ5.0 ~ ¦µ4.0mm, Peeled Bright round bar diameter is from ¦µ40 to ¦µ300mm.

       Length including random lenthˇ˘specified length and multiple length.

       Random length should be to no less than 1 meter/pcs, such as 3m-4m, 5m-6m.