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Stainless steel cold rolled products have a variety of surfaces

Inquiries : 70 - 2019-1-25 14:23:06

Stainless steel cold rolled products have a variety of surfaces, of which 2B and BA are the two most important surfaces. What does 2B and BA mean?
They refer to different types of cold rolling surface treatment processes, in which the formation of 2B is cold rolling-annealing pickling-leveling, and the formation of BA is cold rolling-bright annealing-leveling. The main difference lies in the annealing process. Different, 2B is annealed pickling, the surface has a certain degree of oxidation, darker; BA is bright annealing, the surface is not oxidized, brighter.
304 is one of the main members of the stainless steel family, and its output and circulation are huge. The 304J1 is a "brother" of 304 stainless steel plate. It is a copper-containing material of 304. Its deep drawing performance is better than 304. It is mainly used for deep processing. Nickel series.
What is the difference between 304 stainless steel hot rolled sheet and cold rolled sheet?
The rolling is divided into cold rolling and hot rolling, and the recrystallization temperature is used as a distinguishing point.

Hot rolled sheet
1. Toughness and surface flatness are poor, and the price is low;
2. The temperature of hot rolling is similar to the temperature of forging;
3. The hot plate is treated with hot-rolled surface with oxide scale, and the thickness of the plate is lower;
4. The price of hot rolled products and the use of relatively cold rolling are much more extensive;
5. Hot-rolled steel sheet, mechanical properties are far less than cold processing, second only to forging processing, but with good toughness and ductility;
6. The surface of the hot plate that is not plated is dark brown;
7. It can be distinguished from the smoothness of the surface after electroplating, and the smoothness of the hot plate is low;

Cold rolled sheet
1. Good stretchability and toughness, but the price is more expensive;
2. The surface of the cold-rolled processing has no scale and good quality;
3. Cold rolling is generally used to produce strips with a high rolling speed;
4. The cold rolling has higher thickness precision than hot rolling, and the mechanical properties and surface are all above hot rolling;
5. Cold-rolled steel sheet has a certain degree of work hardening, low toughness, but can achieve a better yield ratio, used for cold bending spring pieces and other parts;
6. Because the cold plate is closer to the tensile strength, the cold plate is not predictive of the danger during use, and it is prone to accident when the load exceeds the allowable load.
7. The surface of the cold-plated plate that is not plated is gray.
8. After the cold-rolled plate is plated, the surface smoothness is higher than that of the hot-rolled plate.