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Inquiries : 70 - 2019-1-18 17:52:04

There are many kind of surface cooling form in the stainless steel. The most two famous method on cooling surface are 2B & BA. But how could we distinguish these two cooling rolled?

Whats BA & 2B?

Both of them are divided into the metal surface cooling rolled, but their process are different. The steps of 2B start from cooling-rolled, hydrogen annealed and smooth on the metal cover. The annealed step are pretty different between 2B & BA. It could point out that the surface by BA much brighter than that of 2B. Actually, 2B stainless metal under pickling and annealed could be more rough and darkness on earth.

The grade/level 304 has enjoyed a large reputation in the stainless steel family. But 304J as little brother, the composition of copper per cent kind of higher than grade

304. The main usage of 304J apply for No4 and HL deepen production. Of course, 304J better than 304 in the NI-saving area.

How could we make some difference for grade 304 process to hot-rolled and cooling-rolled?

First of all, we must acknowledge it that temperature point create dual rolling-metal process. Thats we called hot-rolled and cooling-rolled.

Plate/Sheet on hot-rolled

A. Lower price for the reason

B. The hot-rolled temperature not more