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Stainless Steel Tiny Wire

Inquiries : 29 - 2014-2-24 18:09:58

Product Usage

       Used for wire drawing, Weaving, Hose, Wire Ropes, Filtration Equipment, Steel Strand, Spring, Electronic Instruments, Medical Treatment, Army use bulletproof, Anti-theft devices, Labor Protection,Grain Nail, etc. Application: High-grit Filtration Mesh, High-percision Filtration Equipment, High-precision Anti-radiation print screen.

Product Application

       0.08-0.7mm Stainless Steel Wires can use plastic spool (drum). Specifications of the plastic spools (drum) are as follows: DIN 125, Net Weight of one full Spool is around 2kg. Every 16 plastic spools (drums) in one carton.

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